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tv   Headline News  RT  March 1, 2013 11:00am-11:28am EST

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live from the r t new center of a military whistleblower bradley manning says he wanted americans know the true costs of war as he faces two decades behind bars for the biggest ever leak of u.s. state secrets. ballot bruising for britain's prime minister voters kicked his conservatives into third place in a key election beaten by a surging and tea party. and america's eighty five billion dollar battle republicans and democrats wrestle over how to avoid massive budget cuts stoking fears that the financial deadlock will impact around the world. well over a good evening to which is joined us it's kevin owen here the new center tonight
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our top story the u.s. army was bradley manning could get twenty years in prison for what he describes as an attempt to reveal the blood lust and disregard for human life in the american military manning pleaded guilty to ten lesser charges out of twenty two he's facing for the biggest leak of state secrets in u.s. history now andrew blake is from the american newsroom and revealing to you you saw the young soldier in the courtroom the weight of the world on his shoulders describe. you know for that for the conditions that private manning is had to suffer during the last almost three years what he did yesterday is his statement his testimony his admission was something way more powerful than i think most people would have expected given what he's had to endure it's been over one thousand days it was detainment since he was first picked up in may two thousand and ten and charged with releasing all this material and since then he's had to undergo so much just completely agree just treatment nonetheless
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yesterday there he was is a small man only five foot two you know off one hundred some odd pounds sitting very calm very collectively very cool right in front of the judge and read it thirty five page statement pretty much owning up to every single that the government has accused him of for the last three years and it was people expected him to go ahead and plead guilty but the way in which he actually honored what he did himself in the way that he actually still to this day is ok with with releasing information and is aware of the significance i think really shows this was someone who had committed to doing something and was aware aware of the repercussions and is ok with that money as woods in his first public statement resonated with a lot of people didn't it would have to for the. you know actually in the press room there was a couple dozen of us gathered yesterday just after around noon local time when p.f.c. manning finished reading his thirty five page statement he turned his microphone
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off done testifying and a handful of members of the press gallery actually journalists began applauding it was something that people had waited for a long time to keep him on the only other time we've ever heard p.f.c. manning speak at length is when he spent hours discussing the treatment that he injured in a military brig in quantico something that the united nations special wrapped or on torture completely completely condemned so i guess today though here he was actually speaking speaking very truthfully and with power about what he did and why he did it and i think that resonated with a lot of people it became something not just a trial about someone who is convicted of the of spot accused of spying and subjected to torture but the trial of someone who was actually aware that things needed to change and he thought he might be able to actually do that by blowing the whistle to america's own drew blood thank you for updating your pre-show he did. very. well as coach should know with. the new york she's been closely following
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bradley manning's case. to use up trying to keep twenty ten a huge long to tell you should other rough ride. it sure has been a rough ride since bradley manning was arrested in may two thousand and ten for the first ten months of his incarceration the former army intelligence analyst was held in solitary confinement for twenty three hours a day in a six by eight foot cell windowless cell forced to sleep naked without bed sheets and kept on suicide watch during that time hundreds of scholars experts. advocates supporters even human rights excuse me. advocates as well were signing petitions and letters to have him released from what was dubbed draconian conditions essentially called torture and for the first ten months this is how private first class manning was held and so that was
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a very very difficult circumstance for him he was essentially isolated and after that it's been a very right rough ride since that many critics believe that the u.s. government it was their intention to break manning down and hold him in very bad conditions as long as possible he didn't have a very quick process to get to to his trial and it was just a day ago that we're talking about his pretrial hearing where he did pleading guilty to ten charges but many critics would argue that manning was essentially forced into pleading guilty ten charges because of the conditions he has been held in by the u.s. government for for you know over the course of nearly three years but those first ten years were as said julie torture but at the end of the day when manning stood up and owned up to what he did he still made no apologies for it and some of the comments he said was that he wanted to his intention was to start
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a public get paid within the us about america's foreign policy how the u.s. was behaving that was his intention or releasing the classified information. he said he believed the u.s. reputation would not be damaged to the u.s. but it said in essence be embarrassed he also believed that americans had the right to know true cost of war he went on and on and made lots of comments as in should mention the thirty five page statement he read but at the end of the day he did explain what he did why he did it and from what i've been told and read about his minos apologies for his behavior for his actions ok in new york thank you. somebody knows what it's like to take on a government by blowing the whistle on wrongdoing is former m i five agent we must show him she says manning has done the people a great service the least of those who struggled to reveal the truth behind a u.s. helicopter attacks in iraq let's listen in. for years the
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families of the victims both the morrises journalists and the traumatized iraqi families pushed the pentagon to find out what had happened in must attack and then can live for years saying that there was no video they couldn't answer they didn't know what had happened so by exposing this bradley manning gave closure gave peace gave answers to these traumatized families that's been lied to repeatedly by the pentagon i think it's also interesting one other aspect around this is that he tried to get information to other mainstream media outlets begin with the washington post the new york times and the politico web site and he was dismissed and in fact in the washington post said that if this was if they were going to follow this information that would need to be vetted there's a senior level i.e. suppressed so what we're seeing is the old model did not respond to this amazingly brave push toward transparency to inform the american people what he's done in the name so he went to wiki leaks and i think that shows very clearly the role he plays it is a publisher of sensitive information and i publishing such sensitive information it
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allows the citizens of the globe to realize what is done by government and to hold their government to account and to try and push for justice just as the valve the families of the dead iraqis and reuters journalists have been pushing for justice so this is an amazing service he's done to people. well while human rights activists proclaim bradley manning a hero prosecutors are going all out to prove that al qaeda benefited from access to the league's data what do you think that's what we're asking you want our web poll today at r.t. dot com thanks taken part if you have this is what you're telling us at this hour almost half of you think he's being made a scapegoat in the war against will suppose forty eight percent as you can see thirty six percent see him as a martyr to the cause of free speech eight percent think he's just a naive idealist on a similar eight percent agree with the prosecutors that indeed he is guilty of high
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treason we'd love to know what you think about this big story of the day head to r.t. dot com tell us what you think if you haven't done so already. this is our team now british voters have dealt david cameron a serious blow is governing coalition conservative party has been shunted back to a poor third in a key by election the u.k. the president's party surged into second place while the beleaguered liberal democrats held on to the seat despite a becoming vacant because of one of their former cabinet ministers who had to quit
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over a driving offense scandal as for ukip it's now the third time they've come second in a by election the main parties dismiss it as a protest vote but analysts say the group stance on quitting the e.u. and immigration have some genuine traction with voters lead that nigel farage told a few keeps increasing popularity means they'll soon be able to influence mainstream politics. i think there is a feeling i share it that we now are run by a political class of people they all go to the same schools they all go to the same oxford colleges they all take the same degrees they all marry each other sisters i think it unlikely that we're going to be the biggest party in westminster in twenty fifteen but what we could well do is we could well catalyze some sort of realignment of british politics while as we draw our votes from across the spectrum it is pretty clear to me that the conservative party is now going through i think just to just about its deepest crisis in history there are two distinct wings of
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the conservative party they don't agree with each other on virtually anything and i think if you get gets much stronger than it is today we could see something really new and really quite exciting. still to come access denied a court rules that u.s. prosecutors don't have to evidence so follows with the online entrepreneur. edges closer to extradition for internet piracy a full story. on another drama for obama to as politicians on both sides flounder trying to avert major cuts with that deadline just i was away when on the case. download the official publication. choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television. set not with your
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mobile devices you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. wealthy british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into is a report on our.
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again on capitol hill still no deal in sight tonight yet anyway to avert the eighty five billion dollars worth of cuts which is set to kicking later on friday it's known in washington as the sequester and would see significant reductions on military and domestic spending but republicans and democrats just can't agree on what to do can that explains why this could prove another worldwide a headache. let me begin with where the sequester comes from for a long time congress has been in gridlock over what to cut paralyzed but everybody knows spending cuts are absolutely necessary to balance the budget at some point washy thinking to a conclusion that only internet and sphere of crisis they can solve something so they manufactured the crisis not the first time by the way they're actually getting into the habit of doing that the previous one was the fiscal cliff two months ago now it's the sequester let's see who may soon pay for washington's self scaring tactics nationwide seven hundred fifty thousand jobs are on the line the thing
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about automatic cuts is that agencies and departments don't get to decide what to put on the cutting board it's supposed to cut the defense funding by ten percent now a lot of people think that the pentagon's humongous budget does need some serious trimming until now congress has been generally reluctant to do that and the pentagon's budget only grew but the sequester doesn't care what to cut so it's going to cut veterans support programs and other things that are going to hurt thousands of people in the military the cuts could also lead to the closing of hundreds of air control towers making it harder for planes to take off and land and reduce the number of border patrol agents would lead to delays at the ports of entry among other things also six hundred thousand women will lose assistance from the government's women infants and children program as a result of cuts to federal spending on local education ten thousand teachers and eight thousand other staff could lose their job again nationwide then this will
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affect each and every state no acceptance no exception excuse me just a few examples where i don't know a state kentucky eleven thousand civilians working for the pentagon are facing possible unpaid leave there the state of illinois can take would see a half a billion dollars in cuts to spending for law enforcement and crime prevention. in virginia ninety thousand civilian defense the department employees would also be for a lie. and it's not just the states it's not breaking news that we now live in a very interconnected world and that this manufactured storm created on capitol hill will most certainly cause ripples across the globe the i.m.f. confirms that they're saying there will be an impact on global growth economy start talking about how vulnerable european markets are one economist is writing this could further delay the european recovery recovery just long enough for something to go wrong in one country and send europe into
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a severe contraction and that would have a backlash in the west so pretty powerful for an artificial crisis the sequester may be a manufactured crisis but of erica's deficit problem is not it is very real the country is running a huge deficit washington keeps spending and borrowing but fails to balance the budget and economists say that could have serious long term effects on the global economy in washington i'm going to check out. because of all the additional costs richard will freeze all three of democracy at work a cure for capitalism richard good evening to you republicans say there's little hope for a last minute ago there was with the fiscal cliff are you any more optimistic. no i think that republicans and democrats alike are committed to an austerity policy as we do in see it in europe their only disagreement is exactly who gets cut whose axes get raised and i'm very pessimistic as are most observers in washington that we are about to do what britain italy greece have done with the same dire
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consequences looming in our future if the cuts kick in will really come about that huge deficit or not so it's the debt the hondo a much longer not oh it won't do that's what the europeans have been learning if you cut government spending as we're about to do if you raise taxes on average people which we did on january first with the rise in the payroll tax those are a double whammy two hits on our economy they depress the economy they lose people jobs they make people cut back in their spending with less jobs and less spending government tax revenues go down and that you races whatever benefit you might have imagined would come to the government's budget the irony is the economy gets worse and the government budget gets worse until they wake up and realize that this is an inappropriate way to go at a time of economic crisis let's remember the budget deficit of the government took
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off in two thousand and seven and eight which is because we had a crisis if you solve the deficit without dealing with the under lying prices it will not work i mean what you're saying there makes total sense how come this is still happening out of both republicans and democrats knew the sequester was inevitable why this blame game no this last minute thing we covered this at length of course when we talk about the fiscal cliff at the end of last year and we go again. irony years and it's also a tragedy that the very forces mainly in finance arranged insurance companies and other large corporations who have the major responsibility for bringing the crisis and who then made sure to bail themselves out with borrowed money from the government. only insisting that since the government borrowed to bail them out it must suddenly show all the kind of budgetary prudence that was out the window when
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the time for their bailouts they want everybody else to pay for the bailouts as they got and the cost of that is an economic crisis but they seem to care less about that and making sure they get taken care of and they don't pay the cost of the crisis and the bailouts which they are mostly the beneficiaries of so briefly what is your prognosis for later on today and how's it going to affect america's indeed the rest of the world as well we're going to have cuts we may have a last minute piece of political theater as we did with the fiscal crisis but when the dust clears as it did with the fiscal crisis the end of the year taxes on average people went up much more than any tax on rich people and when the dust clears with or without a last minute deal we will have spending cuts that will definitely damage our economy and that we will regret as we do this crisis now five years all for years to come richard a final thought president obama wants to replace the sequester
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doesn't he with this package of cuts he's proposing up to one point five trillion dollars over ten years is that a workable solution or another sticking plaster. well i think it's another cutback it's another caving into the forces of business and finance it will not solve our problem any more than his past programs and that of his predecessor george bush have been able let's be clear this crisis is now in its six year five and county we have an unemployment rate that isn't even halfway back to what it was in two thousand and seven before this crisis began if we don't get better different radically different policies we're going to look at a long term downturn that is going to remind everyone as it already does of the great depression of the 1930's richard wolffe congress north of thank you for your thoughts tonight. as we revealed yesterday we brought you the headline russia is taking over the monthlong presidency of the u.n.
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security council the country's envoy to the world body told me about moscow's plans for its time in charge. it's looking like a very crowded month of march the highlight of our presidency is going to be a ministerial debate on afghanistan the mandate of the u.n. mission in afghanistan is going to be extended for another year and that of course is going to be very important for afghanistan with the upcoming presidential elections in april of two thousand and fourteen also of course the big important decision or talks to be had about what to do with syria next a big schism amongst a very she remembers about what is the best thing to do how is russia going to try and bring people together than over the next month our position is very simple we believe that the violence must stop and for that dialogue must be established without precondition and the government are saying that there were outlined of their negotiating team and their outline their proposals for dialogue unfortunately in the past few days the opposition seems to have been backtracking from the
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original statement which was made by the leader of the national coalition as the what the about readiness to go into dialogue with the with the syrian government this is the key issue without dialogue i'm afraid and without the political will on the part of all syrians all the main stakeholders in that country the international community can do much of course the syrian opposition very much in the news again today they've been promised more lethal help from the u.s. if that's the case where's the lethal support coming from do you think what russia is her view on the united states for a number of reasons chooses not to sally's hands with direct supply of weapons to to the armed groups because among them there are some terrorists and others with whom the united states would prefer not to be associated but at the same time the they give a wink and a nod to those who provide direct military aid to. rebel armed groups like
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to talk for a moment about the latest in iran no still certain no significant breakthrough of course in those talks in kazakstan iran said they were. in some ways positive but the general consensus was not a lot was done the talks further talks were agreed what are your thoughts about six brought new proposals to the table with active participation of russia in the process was there anything radically new in those we know in kazakhstan. well you know. not really a radical new but there are some new important elements there which should make it more attractive for the iranians to finally enter into negotiations on the core of the matter. can speak to me earlier and the full interview with him is at r.t. dot com streaming now whenever you want to see it also online there as well we're talking about the cancer can. we saw it coming didn't we many of us did now the world health organization says that the fukushima nuclear disaster could see a seventy percent increase in young girls developing fire or complications also in
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mind as well the investigation ramps up into whether former french leader nicolas sarkozy was illegally bankrolled by libya's one a good athlete before being part of the push to oust him. talking of online online entrepreneur kim dotcom is a step closer tonight to being extradited to the united states from new zealand appeals court overturned a ruling that would have allowed him and three co-defendants brought access to the evidence against them. massive copyright fraud through dot coms mega upload file share website with the extradition hearing are set for august dot com says he can't be held accountable for the people using the site to illegally download songs and films is lawyers plan to appeal to new zealand supreme court which could therefore further for spode the extradition hearing earlier dot com told r.t. that online freedom is completely at the mercy of governments. it's what i have learned since i got dragged into this case is a lot about privacy abuses about the government spying on people they're not spying
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on individuals based on a warrant anymore they just spy on everybody permanently all the time and what that means for you and anybody is if you are ever a target of any kind of investigation or someone has a political agenda against you or prosecutor doesn't like you or put the police wants to interpret something in a way to get you in trouble they can use all that data go through it with the with the comb and find the things even though we think of nothing to hide and done nothing wrong right now we are living very close to this vision of george abo and i think it's not the right way you know it's a wrong path that the government's on thinking that they can spy on everybody. after the break out of the stories which the mag networks miss we don't have a month since they were breaking the set just of
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a phenomenon. i've got a lot of messages from our t.v. yours who are very concerned about drones living under skynet is not the american way and many are concerned about their safety and privacy congressman ted poe has introduced a bill that may address some people's concerns about drones this bill is the preserving american privacy act what's clear if i see how the government can use these drugs so basically the act adds bureaucracy to drone usage in order to restrict it in theory protecting people's privacy the thing is that one side is arguing for drone usage and the other side for bureaucratic restricted drone usage but what about not using drones to spy on americans ever no drones should be used on american territory period and overseas they seem to breed more terrorists than
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they kill saying that there are only two sides to this issue for drones and well kind of for drones is absurd congressman poe if you would please be so kind as to change the name of your legislation to the drones are an acceptable form of tyranny act i would be very grateful to you sir but that's just my opinion. with the. technology innovation all the developments around russia. the future covered. live.


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